Modular buildings are fast becoming the preferred method of construction globally. The benefits of high-quality off-site manufacturing offers fast, cost effective and efficient construction. Timto has developed a precision engineered timber prefabricated modular frame system which is flexible, sustainable and easily transportable. Individual modules can be delivered to site complete with internal fixtures and fittings and connected together to create single or multistorey large and small buildings.

‘Timto offers a clever and flexible mobile solution for our clients but with high-end quality where conventional build might cause otherwise difficulties’

Reinhard WeissCEO Timto UK

Modular Homes engineered in Switzerland


Timto’s benefits

High quality off-site construction
  • Off-site modular construction is transforming the construction process by ensuring better construction quality and management with less disruption.
  • Timto delivers completed modules including all fixtures and fittings transported to site and connected together quickly and efficiently to create small and large buildings with multiple storeys;
Time efficiency
  • Modular building projects can be completed 30-50% quicker than traditional construction methods, moving up to 80% of construction activity away from site, minimising disruption to businesses and occupiers. Speed of on-site works is streamlined with the majority of trades efficiently coordinated in a factory environment.  Site preparation and ground works can overlap with an uninterrupted indoor construction process.
Cost certainty
  • Modular construction is cost effective with flexible payment options available and shorter construction time.
  • Timto can offer clients bank backed medium and long-term lease agreements for temporary use of modules which are classified as mobile assets.
Design Flexibility
  • Module sizes: 3 x 3 x 3 and 3 x 6 x 3 = 15sqm habitable space.
  • Newly developed: 3 x 9 x 3.
  • Timto is based on a structural glue-laminated timber framed module of 3W x 6L x 3H which creates a 15sqm column free habitable space forming an ideal room size for multiple uses. Modules can be connected together to create larger open plan spaces and stacked to form multi-storey structures and double height spaces. The patented timber frame is made using the precision Swiss engineered GSA® technology from Neue Holzbau AG which can be orientated horizontally and vertically, and can be cantilevered to create numerous configurations, including external roof terraces and overhangs.
Precision engineering
  • Designed and tested to the highest standards the essential elements of the GSA®Technology consists of glulam, epoxy resin and steel.  Glued-in threaded rods facilitate the high-performance joining of softwood or hardwood components. GSA® Technology guarantees all of the three criteria essential for solid statics (rigidity, load resistance and ductile properties).
Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
  • Timto follows the ‘Mean, Lean and Green’ philosophy aiming to produce buildings which lower the demand for resources, to provide efficient structures and to deploy innovative technology.
    Mean:  Reducing the demand for materials, energy, water and other resources, utilising passive measures.
    Lean: Ensuring that materials and systems are used responsibly and efficiently.
    Green:  Utilising renewable sources to minimise carbon emissions.
  • Timto modules are constructed from FSC certified timber sustainably resourced from managed forests. Materials have low embodied energy and at the end of the module’s life-span can be disassembled and recycled.  The modules have been designed to be movable and reusable.  Modules can be separated, refurbished and relocated to create new buildings if required.
  • Timto buildings include high performance thermal insulation and options for double and triple glazing systems which minimize heat loss. Combined with renewable energy heating systems and low energy lighting Timto modules are extremely energy efficient.

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‘The special thing is that we can theoretically build up to four floors’

Thomas Roetlisberger  – CEO Timto Switzerland

020 8332 9966  /  [email protected]

What our clients have to say

“Timto’s modular system is exactly was I was looking for. I never envisioned needing as much guidance as Timto has given me, but I’m glad I got in touch!”


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