Comercial Project

Commercial Customer

Modules: 2

Surface: 30m2

Zurich, Hoenggerberg

Modular roof extensions for the future

The Faculty ETH Zuerich at Campus Hoenggerberg decided to extend their teaching facilities by adding a 3D printing room to their architectural division. The architectural faculty occupies the HIL building sitting on top of the surrounding hills of Zurich. All the buildings on this vast campus feature flat roofs with a recessed top floor to allow amenity space in form of roof terraces to some of their buildings, so Timto did see an opportunity to provide this state of the art facility for the students to enable them to experiment with building design of the future by using 3D printing units. The modules sit detached from the main building on the roof terrace and are accessible through the main circulation of the building and access door to the terrace.

This project has been implemented as phase 1 consisting of 2 units next to each other aligned on a raised galvanised steel frame, with the option to extend the structures by another 2 units in future.


Modules used



One unit houses all technology providing constant room temperature whilst filtering the air for the printers to work in an optimised environment, the second unit lines up around 70 printers on both sides in 4 rows behind glass screens.

A new open flat roof canopy had been added to the area to connect the main building with the printing rooms, full width steps made of galvanised steel grid panels and bespoke steel framework lead up to the modular entrance level.

‘Roof extensions with modular units are the obvious simple solution for commercial or residential purposes and guarantee minimum disruption for business or residents’

‘The facade design defines the purpose of the building, the module is only the scaffolding for its end use’

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