Later this year ‘The Visionaries’ build their new Sandbox Office & Multifunction Tower, designed by 3s architects, at the derelict brownfield site Steinackerstrasse in Kloten with the new headquarter and exhibition center at its core.

The Visionaries ( are an interdisciplinary thinktank of around 30 companies of the build and green energy sector, who develop future proof solutions for living and working spaces of tomorrow. Climate change, CO2- reduction and continuous intensive use of living spaces and resources demand a new multidisciplined approach.

The thinktank wants to re-think and re-design living and work spaces of today, wants to connect new technologies and natural resources to ecologically and economically valuable circuits and wants to enable the public to experience them, minimising resources and use of space.

With their real built project Urban Nature, The Visionaries test new products and systems of the building and green industry on their efficiency and reliability. Under day -to -day conditions, new and clean technologies will be installed, questioned, redesigned or redeveloped. Herewith the Visionaries close the gap between visionary ideas and real products.

With Urban Nature, technologies as grey water recycling, intelligent façade cladding producing electricity, room climate control, façade greening, ICT intelligent door and window systems, automated user- oriented lighting, entrance control, smart home technology, energy gain will contribute in making the buildings a utility independent entity.

The Sandbox is a built case study in real live and delivers the combination of all themes and requirements of the living spaces of tomorrow.

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